In order to attend and participate in FLAIRS-37, you must register for the conference. Conference registration and payment will offer access to all conference related events including tutorials, invited talks, sessions, conference materials, opening reception, conference dinner, refreshment during breaks, three breakfasts, three lunches, and the use of conference facilities. Please note that two separate registrations are required. First, you need to register for the conference and pay the registration fee, and after that you need to register for the Zoom meeting.

Zoom registration is also available to co-authors, colleagues, students, etc. who will not be physically attending the conference, but would like to watch the talks (no questions, no interaction, just watch the feed). Register using the link below.

Author Registration 

Each accepted paper or poster must have at least one author registered with a paid Author registration in order for the paper or poster to be presented and included in the conference proceedings. If you are the author of more than one accepted paper, you need to register as an author only once, and may present up to TWO papers/posters. Anything beyond that will require another paid Author registration per two papers/posters. If the only author registering is a student, the registration must still be an "Author Registration" (i.e., no student discount). 

Student Registration

Non-author students will receive a $200 discount when proof of student status has been verified. Do not pay student registrations immediately - the invoice will be adjusted to apply the discount.

Registration Categories

Visa Letters

If you need a letter of invitation to obtain a visa, registration chair <> will send you such a letter upon request after you have registered and paid for the conference.


All refund requests must be made in writing by email to the registration chair <>


Questions about registration should be emailed to the registration chair <>